What Gardening Practice Has Significantly Improved Plant Yields?


    What Gardening Practice Has Significantly Improved Plant Yields?

    In the quest to maximize garden bounty, we've gathered the wisdom of five green-thumbed experts, including a Gardening Expert and an Arborist. They share practices ranging from tailoring nutrients with soil testing to improving plant health with raised beds. Dive into the roots of their advice and watch your garden flourish.

    • Tailor Nutrients with Soil Testing
    • Boost Yields with Companion Planting
    • Enhance Growth with Mulching
    • Save Time with Gas-Powered Trimmers
    • Improve Health with Raised Beds

    Tailor Nutrients with Soil Testing

    Implementing a regimented soil-testing routine has been game-changing for my garden's productivity. By frequently analyzing the soil, I can tailor the nutrient profile to the precise needs of my plants, ensuring optimal growth and maximum yield. This proactive approach eliminates guesswork and prevents nutrient deficiencies or toxicities that can significantly affect plant health and output.

    Mike Drouin
    Mike DrouinCo-founder, Gardening expert - Reefertilizer, Reefertilizer

    Boost Yields with Companion Planting

    Companion planting, or plant partners, has significantly increased my garden's yield by decreasing the amount of pest damage to my vegetables. I allow dill to freely reseed in my garden for pest control and to increase beneficial insects, including pollinators. Last year, I planted broccoli, Brussels sprouts, red cabbage, and Napa cabbage, as well as several varieties of basil from seed inside under lights. When it was time to move them into the garden, the basil was interplanted with the cole crops, close together in the same area. The first cutting of broccoli had worms in it. As the basil grew larger, there were no worms in any of the subsequent cuttings of the cole crops again for the rest of the summer. I only had worms in that first cutting, which is a great improvement from other years. There was very little damage to the cabbage, and the closer the basil was to any individual plant, the better the pest control. This spring, I will plant even more basil and, of course, make more pesto too.

    Denise MoenCarver Scott Master Gardener

    Enhance Growth with Mulching

    As an arborist with a keen interest in gardening, one practice I've adopted that has significantly improved plant yields is the use of mulching. Applying a generous layer of organic mulch around my plants has been a game-changer. Mulch helps to retain soil moisture, reducing the need for frequent watering, and it gradually breaks down, adding valuable nutrients back into the soil. This process encourages healthy root growth and improves soil structure. Additionally, mulch acts as a natural weed barrier, minimizing competition for resources. By incorporating this simple yet effective technique, I've noticed not only higher yields but also healthier, more resilient plants in my garden. This practice has underscored the importance of soil health in achieving successful gardening outcomes.

    Dylan Heath
    Dylan HeathArborist, Apex Arborists

    Save Time with Gas-Powered Trimmers

    One gardening practice we do that has made a significant impact on our productivity is to get gas-powered trimmers. Not only do they save time, but they are super lightweight, easy to use, and affordable. It takes about 80% less time to use a gas-powered trimmer than to use a conventional trimmer, plus it saves on achy, sore shoulders.

    Tammy Sons
    Tammy SonsCEO, TN Nursery

    Improve Health with Raised Beds

    Incorporating raised beds into my gardening space has also had a profound impact. This approach allows for better soil control and drainage, which in turn promotes stronger plant growth. Raised beds have made it easier to manage my garden, leading to a noticeable increase in plant health and yield. The elevated design also minimizes strain during planting and harvesting, making gardening more enjoyable and productive.

    Gil Clark Jr.
    Gil Clark Jr.CEO, GH Clark