How Do You Balance Trends With Personal Style in Interior Design Projects?


    How Do You Balance Trends With Personal Style in Interior Design Projects?

    In the dynamic world of interior decoration, where trends can be as fleeting as they are influential, we've gathered insights from founders and CEOs to answer a crucial question. From integrating timeless trends to layering personal style on a trend foundation, discover the top four strategies for balancing trends and personal style in your projects.

    • Integrate Timeless Trends
    • Start with an Adaptably Neutral Base
    • Choose Trends That Align With Style
    • Layer Personal Style on a Trendy Foundation

    Integrate Timeless Trends

    Balancing the ever-evolving landscape of interior design trends with personal style is an art in itself. As an interior decorator, I navigate this delicate balance by keeping a keen eye on what's fleeting versus what has the potential to stand the test of time. Trends can be incredibly enticing, offering fresh ideas and inspiration, but it's crucial to discern which ones will feel dated in a year or two versus those that will continue to resonate. The key is to integrate trends that have a timeless appeal, ensuring that a space remains both contemporary and enduring.

    For elements that are simpler to update, such as cabinet hardware or paint colors, embracing current trends can be a fantastic way to refresh a space without a long-term commitment. These are areas where you can afford to take risks and experiment with the latest styles, knowing that they can be easily changed when the trend wave recedes.

    However, the essence of a truly captivating interior lies in its ability to reflect the individuality and preferences of those who inhabit it. A space that speaks to you, that cradles your personality and preferences, transcends any trend. While trends can guide and inform, they should never overshadow the personal connection and comfort that your space provides.

    Zakhar Ivanisov
    Zakhar IvanisovFounder & General Manager, Soul & Lane

    Start with an Adaptably Neutral Base

    Balancing trends with personal style is akin to orchestrating a symphony; it requires a harmonious blend of contemporary influences and individual expression. In my projects, I prioritize understanding my clients' unique tastes and how they envision their space. This foundational step is crucial, ensuring that any trendy elements introduced enhance, rather than overshadow, the homeowner's style.

    To achieve this balance, I adopt a "timeless canvas" approach, where the base of the design—walls, floors, large furniture pieces—is kept neutral and adaptable. This creates a versatile backdrop that elegantly supports timeless and trendy accents. For instance, a classic, minimalist sofa can be paired with bold, patterned throw pillows that reflect the latest design trends. These accent pieces can then be easily updated as trends evolve, allowing the space to remain modern and reflective of the homeowner's style.

    I always encourage clients to incorporate personal items and heirlooms into their spaces. These pieces add depth and history that no trend can replicate. The thoughtful integration of these elements with selective trend-based updates cultivates a space that is not only stylish and contemporary but also deeply personal and meaningful. This ensures that each project reflects current trends and, more importantly, each client's unique identity and lifestyle.

    Ethan Hynes
    Ethan HynesFounder & Home Expert, You Comfort

    Choose Trends That Align With Style

    I never like to rely on trends, because I don't want to doom a home to look aggressively 2024. My worst nightmare is looking at a home I renovated in 10 years and being able to tell exactly what year I did it. But that isn't to say that I avoid trends at all costs. I do believe that trends are unavoidable to some degree, because in visual mediums, every aesthetic change is part of a larger trend. There is no such thing as truly 'timeless.' However, you can pick and choose more general trends or ones that closely align with your personal style as opposed to just following the current fashion.

    Rick Berres
    Rick BerresOwner, Honey-Doers

    Layer Personal Style on a Trendy Foundation

    The way that I balance trends and personal style in my projects as an interior decorator is to start off by using the trend as the foundation for the interior design that I'm doing. After I set up the foundation of the trend, I make sure to play within the borders of it by layering on top my personal style. By sticking to the foundation of the trend, I'm able to have people notice the trend in my work, but they also see my unique flavor in what I do.

    Sebastian Jania
    Sebastian JaniaCEO, Ontario Property Buyers