How Can Lighting Be Used to Transform a Space in Interior Decorating?


    How Can Lighting Be Used to Transform a Space in Interior Decorating?

    Illumination is a powerful tool in the hands of a skilled interior decorator, as evidenced by an Owner who uses strategic lighting to transform spaces. Alongside expert perspectives, we've gathered additional answers that highlight the myriad ways lighting can revolutionize a room. From the practical ambiance control offered by dimmers to the charming effect of vintage lamps, explore the enlightening examples of lighting's transformative power.

    • Transforming Spaces with Strategic Lighting
    • Embrace Darkness with Mood Lighting
    • Layered Lighting Enlivens Living Rooms
    • Spotlights Accentuate Art, Add Depth
    • Dimmers Offer Ambiance Control
    • Skylights Bring Dynamic Natural Light
    • LED Strips for Subtle, Modern Glow
    • Vintage Lamps Add Character, Warmth

    Transforming Spaces with Strategic Lighting

    Being the creator of Festoon House, a lighting company, I've had the chance to use lights to change a lot of places. One instance that comes to mind is when I was assigned to remodel a client's tiny living room. There was not much natural light in the room, which made it feel gloomy and uninviting. I fixed this by carefully arranging various lighting components to completely change the space.

    To start, I installed recessed ceiling lights to create ambient lighting throughout. To eliminate any dark corners and distribute light evenly throughout the space, these lights were subtly positioned. I also installed a dimmer switch so the client could adjust the lighting's intensity to fit their needs or mood.

    I strategically placed floor and table lamps to create a warm and welcoming atmosphere. In addition to providing task lighting for reading or having conversations, these extra light sources also gave the space a decorative touch. By carefully choosing lamps that complemented the overall design plan, I was able to enhance the space's utility and aesthetic appeal.

    Finally, I used accent lighting to draw attention to specific elements in the space, including architectural details or artwork. To highlight these focal points and provide visual interest, we carefully positioned track lights or adjustable spotlights. This approach not only gave the area additional visual interest and a dynamic vibe but also added depth and dimension.

    Overall, by carefully combining various lighting elements, such as accent lighting, table lamps, and recessed ceiling lights, I was able to completely redesign the tiny living area. The once-dark and dreary room was transformed into a pleasant, well-lit location that satisfied needs for both practicality and beauty. Thanks to the thoughtful use of lighting, which created a cozy and welcoming ambiance, my clients could relax, entertain guests, and truly enjoy spending time there.

    Matt Little
    Matt LittleOwner, Festoon House

    Embrace Darkness with Mood Lighting

    The spaces people have the most difficulty designing are dark hallways. No windows, no natural light, narrow, cramped, no floor space—it can feel suffocating, and like there's no good way to light it. Most people paint hallways bright white in an attempt to reflect some light in there.

    But if there's no light, there's nothing to bounce off those white walls. My proposition is to go the opposite way—I like to paint these small, dark spaces an even darker color. Rich navy, dark gray, even black—really lean into the darkness. And then use lighting to set the mood. Wall sconces are incredible for this, but you can also go decadent with a chandelier, or very modern with a super-minimalist light fixture. I love playing with light in very dark spaces; it's one of my favorite design tricks.

    Rick Berres
    Rick BerresOwner, Honey-Doers

    Layered Lighting Enlivens Living Rooms

    In transforming a client's living room, lighting played a key role. Initially, it was a dimly lit space that felt cramped. To change this, layered lighting was introduced. Recessed ceiling lights provided a soft, overall glow, while strategically placed floor lamps created cozy reading nooks. The centerpiece was a vintage chandelier, which not only served as a focal point but also added a touch of elegance. This approach not only brightened the room but also visually expanded the space, creating a warm and inviting atmosphere that the client loved.

    Gil Clark Jr.
    Gil Clark Jr.CEO, GH Clark

    Spotlights Accentuate Art, Add Depth

    Strategically placed directed spotlights can dramatically elevate a room by accentuating paintings, sculptures, or any piece of art, transforming them into focal points. This type of lighting draws the eye and adds depth and contrast to a space, which can otherwise appear flat or bland. It can enhance textures and colors of the artwork, creating a gallery-like atmosphere within the home.

    Spotlighting adds a touch of sophistication and can be easily adjusted to match the changing decor or art pieces. If you want to showcase your art pieces, consider adding directed spotlighting to your space.

    Dimmers Offer Ambiance Control

    The mood of a room can be greatly altered with the use of dimmers for light control. By adjusting the brightness, one can create a cozy, intimate setting or a bright, energetic space. They provide versatility in a room's functionality, from a well-lit home office during the day to a softly lit dining area for evening meals.

    Dimmers are an energy-efficient way to manage the ambiance of a space, and their installation is a simple step toward customizable lighting. Think about installing dimmers to enjoy full control over your room's ambiance.

    Skylights Bring Dynamic Natural Light

    The incorporation of skylights in a living space invites the sun's natural light, casting a dynamic and ever-changing illumination as the day progresses. Skylights can make a room feel more open and airy, reducing the need for artificial lighting during daytime and connecting the indoors with the outside world. They can transform an otherwise dark area into a bright, lively space, and are particularly effective in adding a sense of height and volume.

    In spaces where privacy is a concern, skylights provide lighting without the need for open curtains or blinds. Look to the sky and consider skylights for an infusion of natural light in your space.

    LED Strips for Subtle, Modern Glow

    LED strip lights offer a modern lighting solution, ideal for creating an understated yet impactful glow in various areas of a room. They can be tucked away under cabinets, along shelves, or along baseboards to emit a gentle light that highlights architectural features without overwhelming the space. These strips are incredibly versatile, energy-efficient, and come in different colors to suit any mood or design scheme.

    The subtle illumination provided by LED strips can give a room a contemporary feel and can be used for both functional task lighting and aesthetic ambient lighting. Explore the possibilities with LED strip lighting for a modern twist to your interior.

    Vintage Lamps Add Character, Warmth

    Opting for vintage lamps can give a room an instant surge of character and nostalgia, casting a warm, inviting light that’s reminiscent of a bygone era. Each lamp can serve as a statement piece, often featuring intricate designs and materials that hark back to past styles and craftsmanship. This type of lighting can anchor a room’s decor, providing a classic elegance that newer pieces often attempt to replicate.

    The gentle illumination from a vintage lamp can create a cozy nook perfect for reading or relaxing. Seek out vintage lamps to introduce timeless charm to your space.